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“We believe that REALTY EXECUTIVES offers the best franchise system in the real estate industry.”

And we’re not alone in our opinion. Highly regarded publications like Entrepreneur, Success and Inc. have recently ranked REALTY EXECUTIVES as a leader based on franchise growth, management stability and financial soundness.

 Realty Executives was created for exceptional people

People with the character, leadership and sales skills it takes to reach the highest levels of success. It was created for real estate professionals who are seeking to reach the pinnacle of their profession at the “Executive” level. We hope you will consider becoming a valuable member of this exclusive team and we invite you to learn more about our company and the exciting franchise opportunities that may await you with Realty Executives Australia.


Put these advantages to work for you today. Call (08) 9228 3055. We’re ready to begin working with you when you are.


Realty Executives is a large and rapidly growing international real estate franchise group recognised and respected for having the most experienced and professional people the industry has to offer. With this unmatched reputation it is no wonder Realty Executives is known as “The only Company named for its people”.




Choosing a real estate franchise is a decision that shouldn’t be made lightly. This is why after careful consideration more and more people are choosing a Realty Executives franchise above any other. Here are some of the compelling reasons that have made a Realty Executives franchise a popular choice:


The Best Real Estate Franchise System


Realty Executives offers the best franchise system in the real estate industry. Publications like Entrepreneur, Success and Inc. have recently ranked Realty Executives International, Inc. as a leader based on franchise growth, management stability and financial soundness.


Professional Development


Training and support is fundamental to the success of a real estate office. At Realty Executives we play a key role in this area working closely with our Franchisees to ensure they get all the back-up and support needed to run a successful office.


The Name

“Our name says it all. Are you ready to promote yourself to the executive level?”


The name Realty Executives tells the world what you do for a living. When you become a franchise, you will not have to explain the name of your company.


The Sign


Our signs prominently feature the Sales Executives name. That way, they create name awareness in your market area. Unlike representatives of other real estate operations, Realty Executives Sales Executives receive the leads they generate themselves. This will help you as the Franchise Owner attract those Sales Executives.


Technology Tools


Realty Executives is the real estate industry’s technology leader. The Realty Executives World Wide Web site, the Realty Executives “Support” extranet site, the Executives Agent software, and many other Realty Executives technology tools facilitate listings, referrals and global networking.


Creating An Environment For Success


We believe that our job is to provide the very best environment for success. Realty Executives provides our Franchise Owners with the very best support and tools


Franchise Territory


We believe that a Franchise Owner should not have to compete with other Franchise Owners within the same company on the next block. Realty Executives Exclusive Territories are much larger than most of our competition.




We believe that most advertising dollars should stay in the area where they were generated. Realty Executives Institutional Advertising is directed by the Franchise Owners….not by the company.


No Renewal Fee


We believe that Franchise Owners should not be penalised for their success. Realty Executives does not charge a “renewal fee” every five years.




Attendees share professional recognition and secrets of success with the industry’s top producers. They enjoy internationally known speakers in premier convention cities all over the world.


Unparalleled Level of Co-operation


The Realty Executives Franchise Owners and Regional Developers are two of our biggest strengths. Since our franchisees are not competing with one another (unlike virtually every other real estate franchise), the level of co-operation is unmatched. Your success is their success.


Extending Success Worldwide


Realty Executives is an international real estate organisation with offices spreading around the world.




Business opportunities are available for people who would like to be part of the exciting and unique Realty Executives family. For those entrepreneurs who wish to:


Start a new office, purchase an existing business, or

convert your existing office to the distinctive “Realty Executives” brand.

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Postal: PO Box 703, Morley, 6943

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